A Closer Look at the Popular Massages That We Offer

There are a number of different massage types that focus on healing approaches or certain parts of the body. Massage is the practice of using hands to knead or rub the body. When you are getting a massage at our spa, the therapist will apply strong or gentle pressure to joints and muscles to ease tension and pain. All our massage therapists are thoroughly trained and have years of experience. Below we are going to explain some of the popular massages available at our spa.


Swedish Massage

This massage is a full-body massage that is perfect for those who are new to the world of massage, are extremely sensitive to touch, and have plenty of tension. This massage type will release knots and will put you in a deep sense of relaxation. For this type of massage, you will be asked to remove all of your clothes, although you can keep your underwear on if you like. While you are lying on the table, you will be covered with a sheet and the therapist will move the sheet over the area that they are going to be working on.

The therapist will use a mixture of:

  • Kneading
  • Deep circular motions
  • Flowing strokes towards your heart
  • Tapping and vibration
  • Passive joint movement techniques

This type of massage will usually last about 60-90 minutes, and is ideal for managing minor pain, and for those who are new to the world of massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage uses a lot more pressure than the Swedish massage that we just spoke about. This is a great massage for those who suffer from sore muscles, imbalance, or injury. It is a massage technique that can help get rid of chronic muscle pain, tight muscles, and anxiety.

When you are undergoing a deep tissue massage, the therapist will use deep finger pressure and slow strokes to get rid of tension from the deepest parts of your connective tissues and muscles. You will be asked to remove all your clothes but, once again, you can keep your underwear on if this makes you feel more comfortable.

This type of massage will usually last 60-90 minutes. It can be an intense type of massage, but you should not feel any soreness or pain. You should really avoid this type of massage if you are too sensitive when it comes to pressure. However, if you want to try it out, then we will allow you to make use of your mobile phone so that you can take your mind off of what our therapist is doing.

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This type of massage is great for those who are looking to restore their energy levels. This is a very good type of massage for those people who are not comfortable being touched all over. The therapist will use gentle and firm pressure on pressure points in your ears, hands, and feet. You can keep on loose clothing, so long as the massage therapist has access to your legs. This type of massage will usually last somewhere between 30-60 minutes.


Thai Massage

This type of massage is great for those who would like a more active type of massage and want to decrease stress and pain. It can help to improve your circulation. flexibility, and energy levels. A Thai massage will cover your entire body and the massage therapist will use their fingers and palms to apply firm pressure all over your body. To add to this, you will also be twisted and stretched into various positions. You can wear comfortable and loose clothes during this type of massage, which will usually last 60-90 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage is great for those suffering from muscle pain and tension or those who just want to relax. This is quite similar to a Swedish massage apart from the fact that the therapist makes use of heated stones instead of their hands. This type of massage can improve blood flow, decrease muscle tension, promote relaxation, and relieve pain. During this massage heated stones will be placed on different parts of your body, and for maximum effect you should not be wearing any clothes, although you can keep your underwear on if you feel more comfortable doing so. This type of massage should last around 90 minutes.