We Bet You’ve Never Been to a Beauty Parlour with a Games Room

You have probably been to a few beauty parlours in your time, but Clear Step Enhance has something that we guarantee you have never ever seen at a beauty salon – a games room.


Why You Might Have to Wait a Bit

We take appointments but, sometimes, for one reason or another, we might be running a bit late. We know how boring and frustrating it can be to have to wait for an appointment, but sometimes people are late to their appointment through no fault of their own, so we always like to give them the full treatment that they have paid for.

However, this only counts for up to twenty minutes. We will always give you twenty minutes back, but anything more than this will be lost. We cannot ask clients to wait for 30-60 minutes, that is just not fair. People lead busy lives and making someone wait an hour could put them completely off schedule.

We understand that even twenty minutes can make you late for other important things you have planned for the day, which is why we give our customers who are waiting a chance to gain some form of compensation. If you happen to be a gambler, you will love this fantastic idea that we have come up with. Indeed gambling machine could be trust here, but if you want to gamble in ZAR, take a look here.


A Chance to Win Some Great Gifts

If you turn up for an appointment and our receptionist tells you that we are running behind schedule, you can pass some time by playing in the games room. Here you will have a chance to win some fantastic beauty products.

The games room has a number of different slot machines in it, but instead of paying out cash, they pay out tickets like you would get if you were playing in an arcade. You can then use whatever tickets you win to purchase a wide range of quality beauty products. Alongside the beauty products, you can also purchase vouchers that can be used for a wide range of treatments that we offer.

Furthermore, we know that it is not your fault that we are running late, so you will be able to play these games for free. When the receptionist informs you that we are running a bit late, she will give you a card that you can use to play any of the slot machines in the games room. Simply swipe the card over the sensor and you will be able to play until it is your turn for your treatment.

What If You Don’t Like to Gamble?

We fully understand that not everybody likes to gamble and that some are prohibited from gambling due to their religion (however, there’s not any religion that doesn’t allow you to learn the blackjack basic strategy). If you fall into one of these categories, then please don’t think that you will be missing out. If you do not like or are not permitted to gamble, simply let the receptionist know, and she will give you a discount from your treatment price, depending on how long you have had to wait.