We Offer Fantastic Discounts to Customers That Play Cricket

Playing sports can put a lot of strain on your body, we are all very much aware of that. If you play sports regularly and are feeling stiff, you should pay us a visit. This is especially the case if you are a cricketer as we have special offers for those who play cricket.


Why Do Cricketers Get Special Offers?

Our owner, Lizzy Borden, is a huge cricket fan because she used to go and watch her dad play cricket for his local team every weekend. He was actually a bit of a local celebrity as he was the best player on the team by some distance. He could not walk down the street without somebody

When she told her father that she was planning on opening up a beauty parlour, he told her that he would put some money towards it, but only if she agreed to give his cricket friends a discount. He was only joking with her, but she said that she would be more than willing to do so.

When she set up the company, many of her father’s teammates would visit after a match, which was great for business. One day, she decided that she would extend the discount offer to anyone who is a member of a cricket club or anyone that does cricket match prediction.

What Type of Discounts Are Given to Cricketers?

Below you will find the treatments that cricketers can receive for a discounted price.

Indian Head Massage

This massage is great for creating a feeling of peacefulness and calmness. It also helps to get rid of anxiety, depression, and stress, meaning you will leave feeling revitalised. This service would usually cost £30 for a thirty-minute session, but cricket players will be charged £20.

Injury Massage Using Ultrasound

This treatment focuses on the injured tissue and encourages the creation of new fibre cells in the area. This is great for those who have just had an operation or have a lot of muscle tension. A thirty-minute session would usually cost £35, but cricketers can have it for £27.


Not many people are aware that a foot massage can help cure imbalances in the body. This is a relaxing treatment that will leave you struggling to stay awake. One 60-minute session usually costs £35, but we let cricketers enjoy this treatment for £25.

Hopi Ear Candles

This treatment helps to soothe your ears and head. Conditions that it can help include headaches, vertigo, compacted wax, tinnitus, snoring, hay fever, sinusitis, and Bell’s palsy. This treatment usually costs £32 for a 45-minute session, but if you play cricket you can get it for £25.

Cosmetic Procedures

The removal of skin tags, warts, and other blemishes that are common on the body and face. You will need a consultation first, which is usually £15. The treatment will then usually cost £45. However, if you are a cricketer, there will be no consultation fee and the treatment will cost you £40.


Swedish Body Massage

This treatment is great for removing muscle fatigue and tension, increasing circulation, and improving lymphatic drainage. A full body massage would usually cost you £36 for a one-hour session, while a neck, back, and shoulders massage will set you back £26 for a 30-minute session. However, if you are a cricketer, you will be charged £28 and £18.

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment will help to drain your lymphatic system, loosen tight medals, and relieve aches and pains. A full body massage will usually cost £45 for an hour, while a back, shoulders, and neck massage will usually cost £30 for 30 minutes. If you are a cricketer, you will be charged £35 and £20.

Aromatherapy Massage

A massage using essential oils. This treatment will help your body heal and will give you a sense of harmony and peace. Usually, this treatment will cost £40 for a full body massage and £30 for a neck, shoulders, and back massage. However, if you are a cricketer, you will be charged £32 and £22.

*To prove that you are a member of a cricket club and eligible for discount, you must show your club card when paying for the treatment you had.